21-Day Challenge

What is the 21-Day Challenge?

We’re excited to bring you a new program designed to help you commit to three weeks of daily, yoga classes.

Each day, between January 1-21, you will receive a notification (by email) containing a link to a 21 minute video and that day’s yogic teaching. You can choose between joining us for the longer, more intimate live stream class or practice with the shorter video. Regardless, you will have access to the entire Mountain Home Livestream Schedule for all of January, so you decide what works for your schedule!

Personal accountability is going to be your mantra as you keep track of your attendance by checking in daily through email. (We’ve made it as easy as possible for everyone)

At the end of the 21 Days, all participants who completed the challenge will be in the running for some fun prizes for their accomplishment.

It might be hard at first but you have us and we’re here to help you start off 2021 on the right foot!

*BTW this challenge is included in all memberships with no extra charge.

When Does it Start?

The 21-Day Challenge starts on January 1-21, 2021 and is open to everyone and every level, from beginner to expert.

Make your challenge even more special by sharing space with other yogis in our livestream classes as often as you can! Spark up your challenge with our very first class of 2021 on New Years Day @ 9:15am

Why Should you Join?

By signing up for the 21-Day Yoga Challenge, you make a valuable commitment to yourself. Whether you’re a newbie or a yoga veteran, a daily practice improves physical strength, increases mindfulness and mental clarity, and builds confidence.

Simply show up, meet the moment, breathe to the beat, and prepare for the potential for profound shift.


You, Yoga, A commitment to 21 Days of Practice


Jan 1- 21st 2021