21 Day Yoga Challenge – Starts November 14th!

21 Day Yoga Challenge

November 14th – December 4th

Participate in our 21-day yoga challenge by committing to practicing yoga every day for 21 days straight (the length and focus of your practice will depend on the challenge you choose!). More than just doing asana (yoga poses) each day, a 21-day yoga challenge represents a personal commitment you make to yourself. It can often be easier to find time for work, family, and friends than to make time for ourselves. A 21-day yoga challenge offers you a structure for creating time each day to nurture yourself.

Different ways to approach the challenge
We will offer this challenge both In person and online. You have the choice to sign up for our Purely live stream format or a combination of In person + livestream classes! If the practice schedule doesn’t suit your time line on certain days, you will be able to access classes from our video library. Our Video library is a great opportunity to revisit your favorite classes, move at your own pace, and choose a teacher who inspires you.

What you receive for signing up!

+ Access to all regulary scheduled livestream classes (45min -1hour)

+ Access to all regulary scheduled in studio classes**If you purchase this version of the challenge**

+ 15 minute yoga video options will be available for each day and accessible for you afterwards.

+ Daily Email (Yoga Learnings, Inspiration and Motivation)

+ Have a chance to win a beautiful yoga bolster

+ Enjoy a special community wrap-up class on December 4th at Mountain Home Yoga Studio@4pm

+ Upon completion – You will create a positive “habit” of yoga for yourself, feel stronger both physically and mentally, increase your mobility and deepen your awareness and connection with yourself and the world around you.