21 Day Yoga Challenge

Duration: November 14th – December 4th

Participate in our year end yoga challenge by committing to practicing yoga every day for 21 days straight. More than just doing asana (yoga poses) each day, a 21-day yoga challenge represents a personal commitment you make to yourself. It can often be easier to find time for work, family, and friends than to make time for ourselves. A 21-day yoga challenge offers you a structure for creating time each day to nurture yourself.

Different ways to approach the challenge
You have the choice to sign up for our Purely Live Stream format ($39.99) or a combination of In Studio + Live Stream classes ($75)! If the practice schedule doesn’t suit your timeline on certain days, you will be able to access classes from our video library. Our Video library is a great opportunity to revisit your favorite classes, move at your own pace, and choose a teacher who inspires you.

What you receive for signing up:
+ Unlimited access to all regulary scheduled Live Stream classes (45min -1hour)
+ Unlimited access to all regulary scheduled In Studio classes **If you purchase this version of the challenge**
+ 15-20 minute Yoga Video Options will be available for each day and accessible for you after the challenge (newly created)
+ Daily email (Yoga Learnings, Inspiration and Motivation)
+ A chance to win a beautiful yoga bolster
+ Enjoy a special community wrap-up class on December 4th at Mountain Home Yoga Studio@4pm
+ Upon completion – You will create a positive yoga “habit”, feel stronger both physically and mentally, increase your mobility and deepen your awareness and connection with yourself and the world around you.

Sign Up – Mountain Home 21 Day Yoga Challenge – Live Stream Only