Our Story

Mountain Home Yoga is about inspiring daily yoga practice that feels inclusive, accessible  and easy going – a perfect place for the beginner to develop and grow. Through daily doses of movement and mindfulness, we hope to lead our community down the path of self-understanding, acceptance and compassion. As yogis that embody the Mountain Culture of where we live, our other love is providing opportunities, for our students near and far, to gather and share in the magic of the outdoors. We specialize in unique yogic retreats and adventures that foster connection, remind us to play and to nourish our souls. Offering our students ways to feel peacefulness is the foundation of our community. We are dedicated to helping you to connect with your inner joy and live a balanced lifestyle, no matter where you are.


LOCATION: #1 503 7th Ave, Invermere, BC

*Turn off highway 93 into Invermere. Follow the road into town. Cross the bridge, keep going up the hill, until you meet the set of lights at Sobeys. Go straight through the lights and it will be on your right hand side between Kimberley Rae Sanderson Photography and The Dry Cleaners.


Fully Qualified Instructors

“Yoga is not a work-out it is a work-in, and this is the point of spiritual practice to make us teachable to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.”

Kelly Carlson

Founder & Instructor


Stephen Raaflaub

Founder & Instructor


Ali Woodman



Vicky Veilleux



Kimber M.



Jenny Feick

Senior Instructor


Laura Mac

Senior Instructor


Rosie Kriwokon




In Person Class Schedule

All passes listed below are for regularly scheduled In Studio/Outdoor Classes. Passes can be purchased by clicking below or when Booking your class on the Mindbody App. Class Packs all expire on December, 31, 2022 – as this is our final closing date for the studio! Any outstanding passes can be traded in for our live stream offerings up to 3 months from our closing date.

21 Day Yoga Challenge (Unlimited Yoga Pass Nov 14-Dec 4)


Starter 4 Pack

  • $12.25 / Class

1 Pass

  • Each Class

5 Pass

  • $13/ Class

2 in 1 Week

  • $12.50 / Class
Live Stream Class Schedule

All regular Live Stream access options are listed below and can be accessed through our virtual platform. Please sign-up with our virtual platform and find these products and more in our virtual shop.


This membership (reoccurring) gives you access to our daily Live Stream Yoga Classes and our Library of videos.



These memberships give you access to our daily Live Stream Yoga Classes and library for a set period of time. Commit for longer to save more!



Class passes can be a great option for those who practice less regularly and don’t care to access our video library.

1 Class $12 *expires the day of purchase
10 Pass $95


Welcome New Guests

We’re excited to welcome you for your first class!
Here is a short guide of what to expect, so you can have your best experience:

● If you have any preexisting health matters, please make sure that you have been cleared by your doctor to practice yoga.
● Personal Health screening is required. Please do a self assessment before you come intoto the studio.
● Fill out the waiver form, this includes a mandatory consent form for the live streaming we do in the classes.
● Before class begins, it’s key to let your teacher know you’re new, or if you have any injuries.

● Please review our current safety measures.
● Please review our yoga studio etiquette which includes helpful reminders like coming on time, turning off your phone, and removing your shoes.
● For everything you experiment with in these classes, listen to your body, and choose to do only what feels right, you know it best.

● Please follow the prop cleaning procedure if you use our props during class.
● In order to facilitate thorough cleaning in between every class, we require guests to leave within 10 minutes of their class ending.
● Don’t forget to Schedule your next class and we will see you soon!

Community Connection

Energy Exchange Program
The Energy Exchange Program at Mountain Home Yoga is a wonderful way to get to know your teachers and help grow your connection with the Yoga Community. It’s also a great way to gain

Here’s how it works: You volunteer 2 hours of your time on the same day, at the same time, once a week helping to clean the studio, deliver posters or perform other duties. In exchange you can receive unlimited yoga classes.

We’re looking for people who will take their Energy Exchange seriously – just like any other job. We want to build relationships with our volunteers based on trust, communication and commitment. Applicants should therefore be willing to commit to a minimum of 1 month of participation in this program.

Email hello@yogamh.ca and tell us why you’re an awesome candidate.

Yoga by Donation
Certain yoga classes will be offered on a donation basis to the public. They are listed on our regular schedule but still require registration. Only cash donations are accepted at this time, after the class.

Contact Us

Phone number: 250-270-0056
Email: hello@yogamh.ca