For Summer 2023 we will continue to host some of our favorite outdoor classes as special events. Please check here to find out more and register for Special Event Yoga Classes @Kinsmen Beach or Paddleboard Yoga Classes!

(Don’t forget that you can always book a private session for your group with us !)


Why Aerial Yoga?

Float and fly with aerial yoga! The blending of traditional yoga poses and the use of the Aerial Yoga Hammock, creates opportunities  to experience yoga with a whole new feeling of support.

The hammock is an excellent but subtle assistant for balance, strength, and flexibility. By giving added support into your joints and muscles but maintaining the natural movement and wobble, aerial hammocks can transform areas of habitual and circumstantial tension and give you the confidence to explore greater depths of the postures.

The element of fun is also a motivating factor to keep up a regular practice!

We are excited to share this practice with you – all students must abide by the following so we can all play safe together and have the most enjoyable experience.

All students must arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class start time to ensure proper set up with silks. Students that are late will not be accepted into class as we lock the doors at the exact start time!

Clothing: A short or long sleeve shirt must be worn at all times. No tank tops will be allowed in class. Clothing should be comfortable. A good choice would be tight fitting stretchy pants that will cover the backs of your knees with a top that will cover your midriff without riding up. Wearing socks in our active aerial classes are not permitted (not safe) and not recommended for restorative aerial either.

Mask is required only enroute to your silk, after that it is the participants choice to wear it or not.

You must bring a yoga mat, this is required for the practice. Please let us know ahead of time if you will need to rent a mat ($2 cash).

Participants must come in clean, wear deodorant, refrain from wearing strong perfumes/colognes, free from cream & oil on hands and no heavy make-up.

Must take off rings, bracelets and long necklaces. Jewelry can easily snag the silks.

Clean Healthy Bare feet with non snagging toenails are required to safely work in the hammock. If you suspect you have a foot disease(fungus, sores, cuts) please do not attend this class until you have dealt with it.

No Refund Those who do not attend will be charged for the full price of the class. If you cannot attend and would like to transfer your class to someone else, please call and let us know to whom we can give your class to.

Classes have a minimum age of 12. We do sometimes offer teen or family specific classes. Anyone under the legal age must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian to participate.

Weight limit of under 280lbs to participate.

Please see your doctor before attending class if you suspect you are unwell or have encountered any of the listed: High/low blood pressure, Recent surgery, Easy onset vertigo, Glaucoma, Heart disease, Osteoporosis, Recent head injury & Recent stroke.

Please inform your instructor of any injuries.

*Note: Your instructor cannot diagnose medical conditions, or decide if class is appropriate for you.

  1. Unless stated, no experience is needed.
  2. Come hydrated, Bring water, and make sure to drink it in class any time you need.
  3. If you get a headache or become dizzy, you must take a break and return only when ready.
  4. You are not required/expected to do anything in this class, you may choose to be an observer, always play at your own comfort level.
  5. Trying new things may be scary, emotions may come up for you that you didn’t expect, part of a yoga practice is moving through those feelings, and finding the perfection in the imperfection
  6. Most importantly – Have Fun!

Private Aerial Yoga Session (Up To 8 People)

  • Length: 65 min
    1-4 people = $120
    Each additional person is $20
Book your Group for a Private Aerial Yoga Session via email

Aerial Yoga Pop-up Classes for ALL LEVELS (60 min)

This is a fun class to enjoy some introductory movements and skills, find supported stretch within the aerial hammock as well as experience some challenges for your strength and stamina. Sometimes we offer the Let’s Play Active Style Class, other times we offer the Aerial Restorative, please check the description.

* No prior experience required.
* $25/person or bring your own silk for $15.

Summer dates/times will be listed here by June 15th, 2023

Register for Aerial Pop-ups during July/August 2023 via email

Registered Aerial Yoga Classes

We offer a number of multi-week sessions (see below) so practitioners can work on specific skills at their appropriate level. There are no dates scheduled at this time, please check back in Fall 2023

  • Aerial Yoga | Let’s Play – Beginner Series 1.0
  • Aerial Yoga | Gentle Stretch & Restore
  • Aerial Yoga | Not my First Rodeo 1.5
  • Aerial Yoga | Exploring Strength 1.5
  • Aerial Yoga | Intermediate 2.0
Registered Classes


Private Classes

At Mountain Home, we know that public classes are not suitable for all occasions and that the benefits of Yoga can, for some, be best found within a private group or 1-on-1 setting.
Whether you are looking for some tailored guidance or feel safer in your private group, we’re here for you! We’re very happy to offer personalized classes that are designed to suit your individual needs.
Your classes may include some or all of the following:
● Physical postures (asana)
● Breathing techniques (pranayama)
● Meditation techniques
● 1-on-1 or Small-group Yoga sessions (currently limited to 8 in the studio) can be held at Mountain Home, off-site (your chosen location) or online via Zoom.
● Classes are 60 minutes or more in length, and can be designed for any level of practitioner.
● Choose from different styles to suit your specific needs. Please inquire below for pricing:

1- 5 People @ $75/hour
Then each additional person after that is $10/hour
1-5 People@ $100/hour
Then each additional person after that is $10/hour


Email Us to make your private yoga booking.

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