Kelly Carlson



Kelly has been practicing all types of yoga since 2002, and in 2011 completed her first 500 hour yoga teachers certificate partially in India and with her home studio in Edmonton. After working for about a year for various studios, Kelly moved to the East Kootenays and since then has run several different yoga studios in Invermere, British Columbia. Currently she owns and operates Mountain Home Yoga and Wellness Studio.

Kelly is dedicated to teaching people tools that will improve overall health and wellness, encouraging people to study and learn about themselves in a deep and meaningful way, and working with individuals to enhance mobility, balance, core strength, stress reduction, focus and confidence. Kelly is also a certified Yin yoga, Children’s yoga, Rocket yoga (Vinyasa) and Aerial yoga instructor. Her diverse plethora of yogic training has influenced her to approach teaching from a functional perspective with exploration, playfulness and self love being a big part of each experience.