Enjoy your yoga practice in the comfort of your home with Mountain Home Yoga Online. Our livestream option provides a mixture of classes, courses and video library that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Take your daily yoga practice, learning opportunities and community with you wherever you go!

How to use our live stream platform:

To get started with our live stream classes, you have to register, purchase one of our live stream products, download zoom and use the calendar to access the classes. Remember to click your product that you purchased to access all the features it includes, such as your video library.

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Tips for Practicing Live Stream Yoga!

1. Try to make a set yoga routine, register ahead of time for classes to help stay committed.

2. Create a space where you can practice yoga that is not cluttered and free from distractions and is inviting to spend time in.

3. If you can’t make one of our classes try out our videos, by clicking the product you have purchased and then clicking “Included Content”.

4. If you want  feed back from the teacher, keep your video on and position your camera in a way that allows him/her to see you.

5.On arrival feel free say Hi to the other practitioners or participate in the chat box. One of the great part of meeting together on Zoom is to connect with the community.

6. As a courtesy to all other practitioners, please mute yourself when class officially begins.

7. Have patience, the technology usually work but every now and then there can be a glitch!